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About Jonathan Wakeen

Transformational Leadership Coach, President        and Founder of Cleveland Block Coaching


Welcome! My name is Jonathan, and I am so glad you are here.

Coaching in my life has facilitated deep work. Coaching has been the catalyst for creating fundamental shifts in my foundation of who I am, and continues to powerfully elevate my personal and professional development. Coaching continues to create powerful breakthroughs,  transforming my life in all areas.

I encourage you to look among the areas of your life (career, relationships, finance, health, business, personal well-being, dreams and aspirations) and identify the future you want to create in your life. Do you want to create a more loving relationship with your partner? Do want to develop yourself into a more impactful leader at your company? Do you want to set yourself up for further development and financial success at your job? Do you want your business to be more successful than last year? Do you want to become healthier? Do you want to develop a daily practice that allows the best version of yourself to show up each day?  We all have this desire to want and be more, the question is “how do I bring out the best in myself to create the future I want to have?”

I can help you with this.

As your transformational business and life coach, I partner with you to bring out the best in you to create the transformations you desire to have. I work with businesses, business leaders, and with individuals who are committed to their transformation and goals. Our work together will be powerful.

I continue to invest in my personal development with my coach, and through leadership development master mind groups. I practice my practice every day. My background is with accounting advisory firms, in operations management, and in continuous improvement & quality. I have obtained my Weatherhead Foundations of Coaching Certificate, and Weatherhead Coaching Certificate through the Weatherhead Business School at Case Western Reserve University; these programs are approved Board Certification Coach (BCC) programs by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE).  I am a graduate of Notre Dame College with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting.

The core of my coaching practice to facilitate intentional and sustainable change with clients are Intentional Change Theory (ICT), principles of Emotional and Social Intelligence (ESCI), and a variety of coaching technologies, and assessments that facilitate breakthroughs.

I am excited to meet you and to be a part of your journey.



Jonathan Wakeen