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 I partner with individuals and groups on personal and professional development, co-creating what they want. These are highly committed individuals who are curious about unleashing their unlimited potential, inner greatness, and wisdom. We create breakthroughs, and transformational foundational shifts that create their best version so they can receive and give the best of this world. I provide business and executive coaching, leadership development coaching, and personal life coaching.

Clarity and Goal Setting

Skill Building

Develop Personal Roadmap

Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles


Self-Discovery and Enhancing Self-Awareness

Personal and Professional Growth

Accelerating Success

Structured Foundation

How Do I Know If I Need a Coach?

Why Should I Hire a Coach?

Coaching is the greatest gift you can give yourself – you’re committing to yourself in a way that you never have before for permanent self-improvement. Coaching is investing in yourself to become your better self. The best investment you can make is in yourself. Is it not?

Hiring a coach is one of the most effective, and efficient ways to move the needle in any area of your life. Take a minute to think of “what area(s) in my life am I not where I want to be? Where can I improve? We can always improve, whether it is at work, home, with family, relationships, health, finances, or overall happiness and fulfilment in your life. Would quieting the negative self-talk in your head, which prevents you from showing up as your best self in any situation, improve your life? Maybe you struggle with accountability to yourself and find yourself in a spiral, and constant circle of thought with slow, or no progress at all towards where you want to be. What would it mean to you to move towards the vision you have, and create the life you want?  Perhaps you don’t know what that vision is, which is something we will get you clear on. The agenda of Cleveland Block Coaching is YOU, and you stepping into your better self. Watch your world change with our work. I have experienced the permanent impact of coaching and continue too.  The best investment you can make, is in yourself, and to move forward.

What can i expect from you as a coach?

You’ll get guidance, support, and tools you need to achieve your goals, improve your performance, and enhance your overall well-being.

Clarity and Goal Setting: You’ll get clear on your goals, values, and aspirations. I will assist you in identifying what you truly want to achieve and help you create a clear and actionable plan.

Accountability and Motivation: I’ll provide a level of accountability and support that will keep you inspired and on track. I will help you set milestones, track progress, and hold you responsible for taking the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

Personal Development and Growth: I specialize in facilitating personal development and growth. I will help you explore your strengths, and overcome limiting beliefs. By providing guidance, feedback, and tailored strategies, I will support you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Skill Building: I will assist you in developing specific skills relevant to your personal or professional life. Whether it’s improving communication skills, time management, leadership abilities, or any other area, I provide guidance, resources, and structured exercises to enhance your skills.

Overcoming Challenges and Obstacles: Life is filled with challenges and obstacles, and I will help you navigate through them. I will provide fresh perspectives, help you brainstorm solutions, and support you in overcoming barriers that may be holding you back from achieving your desired outcomes.

Enhancing Self-Awareness: I will help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, including your values, beliefs, strengths, and areas for growth. Increased self-awareness can lead to improved decision-making, better relationships, and a clearer sense of purpose.

Support and Encouragement: I will serve as a supportive ally, providing a non-judgmental space for you to express your thoughts, fears, and aspirations. I offer encouragement, empathy, and guidance during challenging times, and will provide you with the emotional support you need to stay focused and motivated.

Accelerating Success: By leveraging my expertise and experience, I will help you navigate your personal or professional journey more efficiently and effectively. I will share insights, best practices, and strategies that have proven successful, helping you reach your goals faster than if you were to do it alone.

What packages do you have?

The commitments offered are:

Be With Session

  • 120 minute transformational experience to catalyze breakthroughs

5 in 100

  • 5 sessions within 100 days
  • 60 minute sessions

6-Month Program

  • 12 sessions over 6 months
  • 60 minute sessions
  • 1 “Be With” session

Annual Program

  • 24 sessions over 12 months
  • 60 minute sessions
  • 2 “Be With” sessions

Corporate Program

  • Group and/or individual sessions are offered for businesses looking for transformational leadership development
  • Korn Ferry 360 ESCI Assessments available – this assessment provides feedback on Emotional and Social Intelligence behaviors related to those of successful leaders. You will gain transformational insight and powerful self-understanding on your leadership strengths and areas for increased impact, and effectiveness as a leader in your organization.

 Please contact for a free initial conversation to see how we can help you and your company reach your next level goals.

What is Involved In the Initial Session

When you schedule your initial session (75 minutes), you will be sent a confirmation for the time and date of the session. When scheduling, you have the choice to choose a phone call or Zoom session. We will have a powerful conversation on what areas of life would you like to see change, what you want to create, and what our working together will look like. 

What Clients Say

I am truly glad to have met and worked with Jonathan. He has helped establish a new mindset about myself. Before I worked with him, I had a tendency to let life circumstances put me in a negative mindset and thinking pattern, but after a couple sessions with Jonathan I began to change the way I thought when hard times hit. Using the mental tools and techniques he taught me, I was able to recognize the fear, doubt, and negative emotions that life brought upon me in that moment and change my thoughts on what the outcome would be. I am forever grateful to Jonathan for helping me relieve myself of the fear, doubt and worry that life casually brings about. With my newfound outlook on life, I believe that I can overcome anything that life throws at me by using the tools and techniques that Jonathan has taught me!

-Masai T., CEO, MT3 Handyman & Contracting Services

Client of the 6-Month Program

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